1. Download source zip file:

  •  wget https://fastdfs.googlecode.com/files/FastDFS_v4.03.tar.gz

  • This fastDfs version need php 5.2x or higher

2. Unzip FastDFS zip file: tar -zxvf  FastDFS_v3.06.tar.gz

3. “cd” to your “FastDFS” file.

4. Run those commands: ./make.sh and ./make.sh install

   If those commons report some errors, do not mind about it. Because, those commands are to help install some packages.

5. “cd”  php_client.

6. phpize

7. run this command: ./configure --with-php-config=/opt/php/bin/php-config

   If your donot know where is your php-config, run this command to find it:

   find / -name php-config

8. run this command: make && make install


9. cp ../conf/client.conf /etc/fdfs/

10. Modify client.conf,  eg:tracker_server=

11. cat fastdfs_client.ini >>/etc/php.ini


12. Modify php.ini:

   fastdfs_client.tracker_group_count = 1

   fastdfs_client.tracker_group0 = /etc/fdfs/client.conf


13. Reboot your  apache.

14. Run php -m, if fastdfs_client is listed, then your installation is successful.